Can I take Flu and pneumococcal vaccine on same day?

Yes, Flu and Pneumococcal vaccine can be taken on same day. However, do not proceed without the advice from your doctor.


Can I take Flu and Covid vaccine on same day?

Yes, Flu and Covid vaccine can be taken on same day. However, you must not proceed without the advice from your doctor.


I have Asthma, would vaccination make me ill?

No, vaccination does not cause any flare of asthma Studies have not shown that vaccines cause an increased risk of infection in asthmatic patients. Vaccines are hence considered safe for patients with asthma.


I was treated for Pneumonia, do I still need to get vaccinated for Flu, Pneumonia or Covid-19?

Pneumonia is infection of air sacs of the lungs which can be caused by several types of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This infection leads to inflammatory process in the lungs.

Vaccine provides immunity to certain bacteria and viruses, which are common in our community. Hence if you have suffered from pneumonia and are treated with antibiotics, you might have recovered from the acute illness itself yet you may still be prone to acquire a new infection. It is advised to patients be vaccinated with or not they have had a prior history of pneumonia or other lung infections.


Is vaccination with Flu, Pneumococcal and Covid-19 safe during pregnancy?

Yes, the CDC and WHO have approved the administration of these vaccines during pregnancy.  However, as with the usage of all medications during pregnancy, it is advisable to get your OB/GYN approval before proceeding with any new treatment.


 The Influenza or Flu vaccine:

Flu is caused by a virus called Influenza. The infection from this virus leads to development of flu like symptoms to severe pneumonia in some individuals.


Who can take the vaccine?

It is recommended to get annual influenza vaccinations from October till January. Everyone aged 6 month or older, especially for people at high risk, even pregnant women should her vaccinated.


Side effects

Side effects from the influenza vaccine are very uncommon and include local pain at the injection site, fever and body aches that resolves in a couple of days.


If I repeat the shot of vaccine, does it provide me with better immunity?

No studies have as yet found any evidence that repeating flu shot during same year, like a booster, provides any added benefit. A single shot of the Flu vaccine is all that is needed annually.


Does taking a flu shot increase the  risk of having infection from Covid-19?

There is no scientific data to prove if there is any increased risk of developing Covid-19 infection after taking Flu vaccine.


What is the difference between Influenza and H. Influenzae ?

Influenza is a virus while H. Influenzae (Hemophilus influenza) is a of bacteria. Both can cause serious disease but are treated differently.


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