American Board of Chest Medicine

Lung specialists trained in the United States undergo a rigorous period of sub-specialty training that lasts several years, after they have already qualified and are board certified in Internal Medicine. Board certification by the American Board of Chest Medicine is a measure of quality care and is achieved after recognized, structured training and appearing for examinations and re-certifications. Board certification gives patients the comfort that the chest specialist they are seeing for their care adheres to the highest standard of clinical care.

Additional training and optional certifications

Some pulmonologists (also known as chest specialists or lung specialists) have additional training and board certifications in areas linked to Pulmonary or Chest Medicine. This training is additional and optional for a physician to acquire.

Some pulmonologists are also trained in Critical Care Medicine, which is the care of the acutely and severely sick patient, either in the intensive care units or those needing that care. Critical Care Medicine specialists are also referred to as “intensivists”, since they are most well suited to cater to the special and ever evolving needs of patients requiring intensive care. Critical Care specialists are also board certified, once they have adequately met the stringent requirements of the American Board of Critical Care Medicine.

In addition to these two areas of sub specialty, some pulmonologists and Critical Care Intensivists have also specialized in Sleep Medicine. This is a specialized area that deals with disorders of sleep caused by disorders of breathing. Certification in sleep medicine requires additional training and certification by the American Board of Sleep Medicine.