Are the current available vaccines effective against Covid Delta variant?

Delta Variant is found to be more contagious and likely to case more severe disease leading to increase hospitalization and death.

Studies have shown that Vaccines approved by the WHO, provide protection against Covid-19, and its variant. Covid-19 vaccination, prevent in developing serious illness, hospitalization and death caused by the Delta variant.

It must be emphasized that the major risk factors for such rapid spread is due to lack of public health care measure. Its highly recommended that you continue to wear a mask, keep your hands clean, avoid crowded places and get yourself and your loved ones vaccinated as soon as possible.


Why should I get vaccinated if new variants are emerging?

Some protection is better than no protection. Studies have shown that all the Covid-19 vaccines do provide some protection against Delta variant and have also clearly shown that those who are vaccinated and still get infected with Delta variant are far more likely to avoid serious disease, hospitalization and death. The severity of illness is markedly reduced in vaccinated individuals compared to those who have not been vaccinated.