COVID-19 vaccine

There are many available vaccines against Covid-19. Each vaccine has developed a different method to provide immunity by generating antibodies against Covid-19 virus.

Vaccine available in our country are CanSino (single shot), Sinopharm (two shots), Sinovac (two shots), AstraZeneca (two shots) and Sputnik. These vaccines are available in different hospital.

The mRNA vaccines Pfizer and Moderna are also available for selected use in Pakistan.

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Why should get vaccinated if I can get infection from Covid-19 despite vaccination?

Th purpose of the vaccination is to provide protection against the infection and its most severe complications. It is not a treatment but a means of prevention. Developing herd immunity is the goal of widespread vaccination, which means the larger the number of vaccinated individuals in a population, the fewer the chances of the virus to mutate to build a vaccine resistant strain.


 I had Covid infection how soon can I take the vaccine?

As soon as you have regained complete recovery from your illness, you can get your vaccine. Your doctor will provide your clearance to proceed with vaccination.


I have Covid antibodies should I still need vaccination?

If you have antibodies against Covid-19 virus, this means your body has developed some immunity. However, this does not restrict you from getting vaccination. You should still be vaccinated.


Should I wait for 3 months after having Covid infection to be vaccinated?

There is no data to prove how long a person is to wait after having Covid-19. It is recommended to get vaccinated as soon as a person recovers from the illness.


I developed Covid infection after my first shot, when can I take my second shot and do, I still need to be vaccinated?

Post infection, its recommended to get vaccination as soon as you have regained recovery. Yes, you do require to complete your course of vaccination to achieve the best possible immunity and hence protection.


I was not able to get my second shot of vaccine on recommended date, when do I take it?

Each brand of vaccine has its own recommended protocol. You should follow this protocol and your health care provider will be able to guide you this regards. It is not recommended to delay your second shot for more than 4-6weeks.


Do I still need to take precautions after having vaccinated?

Yes, standard precaution must be continued, handwashing, wearing mask, social distancing and avoiding crowds.


Is there any vaccine superior to the other, should I wait for the better one?

All the vaccine available have been approved by the WHO. Their efficacy does vary, but having a vaccine sooner rather than later is better than not being vaccinated.


Should I take a blood thinner between the two jabs?

There is no scientific approach to take any blood thinners between two shots of Covid-19.


Is it true that patients taking blood thinners cannot take the shot of Covid-19 vaccine?

There is no data to support that use to any blood thinners prevents people from taking Covid-19 vaccine. The only side effect is development of bruising or hematoma (collection of blood under the skin) at the injection site. You can contact your doctor for further advised regarding if it is required and safe to hold blood thinners few days prior to receiving the vaccine. Mostly this is not necessary and you are safe to continue your blood thinners.


Does Covid vaccination give me lifelong immunity?

It is not known how long the protection provided by the antibodies made by Covid-19 vaccination lasts in the human body. Booster doses may at some point become recommended for everyone. Studies are under progress to help doctors better understand this issue.


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