Sleep Center

The Sleep Center provides overnight polysomnography (sleep study) for both inpatients and outpatients. Our experts and trained staff provide highest standards of testing and treatment for patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Parasomnias, Insomnia and other sleep related disorders. Our state-of-the-art testing facility is designed according to the guidelines of the American Association of Sleep Medicine.

How does it work?

Polysomnography is an overnight procedure, performed inside a comfortable testing room very similar to a hotel room. The room features a comfortable bed and private bathroom. To aid relaxation and facilitate sleep, we encourage patients to bring their own nightclothes and anything they would normally use to fall asleep.
You will be wearing several special sensors connected to a computer by wires, which are long enough to not restrict your normal range of movements. Your oxygen levels will be monitored by a clip-on finger or ear oximeter.

The test room is fitted out with a camera and a two-way intercom/audio system installed inside the sleeping quarters. While you sleep, a polysomnography technician remains in a separate monitoring room to measure and record multiple factors that will help us establish the specifics of your condition.

These measures include:

    • Brain wave measurement
    • Eye movements
    • Heart rate
    • Breathing pattern and oxygenation levels
    • Snoring and other sleep noises
    • Your sleep position and any motion

Since falling and staying asleep may not come as easily in a test facility as it would at home, it is important that our patients are aware and reassured that test results, in terms of insight and accuracy, will usually not be affected by the duration or the quality of sleep during testing.