Our Lung Fibrosis Clinic consists of an experienced team provided with the latest diagnostic and treatment services. Our dynamic treatment procedure is designed to suit various specific conditions, which range from medicines and therapies to complete rehabilitation.


Lung Fibrosis seems to occur as a result of an abnormal healing process following and injury or inflammation in lungs. This disorder is characterized by scarring and thickening of tissue as opposed to normal tissue repair. This hardening and thickening disturbs oxygen exchange in the body, preventing adequate oxygenation in blood and in turn affecting the body as a whole.

Many conditions and substances can be hiding behind this lung damage but also some types of medication, especially: Chemotherapy drugs; some medication used to manage heart conditions; anti-inflammatory drugs and even some antibiotics.


  • Shortness of breath, usually with persistent dry cough is often the first sign of these disorders and often becomes noted well after the disease has progressed somewhat.

Additional signs may include:

  • Exhaustion and fatigue and/or malaise with muscle aches or sore joints
  • Weight Loss not attributed to eating habits
  • Clubbing around fingers and/or toes


The list of substances and conditions that can lead to severe lung disease is long but in many cases the underlying causes of these conditions are never found.

More importantly, as these disorders can be silent until they become critical, regular medical check-ups for those who have been facing any issues with breathing and other body functions associated with lungs are absolutely essential.