COVID-19 patient care and monitoring

It is important that people who have been infected with COVID at any time are seen by a pulmonologist (lung specialist) for a thorough examination and follow ups during and after recovery. This is because respiratory illness caused by COVID can have mid to long-term implications on health and especially lungs, with reduced pulmonary function noted even months after infection. Some patients will require intensive rehabilitation, mainly those who suffered severe respiratory symptoms. However, most patients who have had COVID-19 will simply need monitoring and attention during their recovery process.

A lung specialist will perform a thorough examination using various techniques that may include a physical, Pulmonary Function Test, imaging etc., as needed

If you or someone you know has contracted COVID-19 please contact a pulmonologist for examination, treatment and monitoring of your lungs. Timely attention can minimize the impact of COVID lung damage on your long term health outcomes as well as improving the quality of life during the recovery process.


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