There seems to be a great deal of confusion as when to receive the Flu, Pneumococcal vaccine as well as the Covid-19 vaccine or its booster.

Vaccines are designed different ways and each vaccine works by activating our body’s own immune response in a particular manner.

The Center for Disease Control in the United States known as the CDC has made guidelines with regards to the spacing of vaccine according to their type and mechanism of action. You must also seek advice from your physician before proceeding with any vaccine.


What is the appropriate interval between Flu and Pneumonia Vaccine (Prevnar 13):

As per the guidelines Flu and Pneumonia vaccine shot can be taken at one time, on different sites of injection. As desired, they can also be administered separately in which case no definite minimum interval of waiting is required.


Interval between Flu and Covid-19 Vaccine:

Covid -19 Vaccines are relatively new, the scientific date to this date, do not show any interaction between Flu shots and Covid-19 Vaccinations if they are taken simultaneously. The guidelines states that both these shots can be taken on same time, at different sites. One can take the two shots any time before or after each other with no defined interval.


Interval between Pneumonia Vaccine and Covid-19:

The guidelines are same, both Pneumonia Vaccine and Covid-19 vaccines can be taken on same time, at different sites. If on different days, they can be taken any time before or after each other with no defined interval.


Special note:

Patient suffering from acute or chronic illness, on medications, should always seek advice from their primary physician before proceeding for any kind of Vaccination.

Taking vaccinations, that can safely be administered together, do not cause any exaggerated side effects. However, vaccines can tend to cause local reaction on the different arms causing no serious side effects. The advantage of taking the vaccines simultaneously is a reduction in the number of visits to the hospital and risk of developing side effects, even mild, on separate intervals after the vaccines.


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