When choosing someone as your health care provider, it is important that you are aware of the quality of their skills as well as their professional reputation. If your doctor was trained in the United States this verification is given in the form of a certification that is achieved after an extensive process that requires specialized medical training, passing examinations, participating in on going medical updates and meeting very specific licensing requirements. For doctors who have been training for an extensive period, this certification is re-done at regular intervals to ensure that your doctor remains absolutely up-to-date and capable of providing the best possible care to patients under his care. In the United States, certification by the relevant specialty board is considered the highest level of verification.

Certification by the American Subspecialty Boards of Internal Medicine (ABIM) for medical specialists can only be achieved by meeting rigorous standards competed through intensive structured study, self-assessment and continuing medical education and evaluation. These standards are outlined by ABIM. In addition, this certification encompasses other areas of the competencies and skills established by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). This Council ensures that a doctor has the training required and the desire to continually enhance their clinical skills through lifelong learning for the safety and well being of their patients. In order to be remain certified, your doctor must have completed an appropriate and recognized course of medical education. In addition, your doctor must have completed the training requirements not only of the board of internal medicine but also the highly specialized requirements of the sub-speciality board within their area of clinical expertise.

Your doctor must meet the licensing requirements and demonstrate the ability to practice medicine within that speciality within the United States. Finally, your doctor must, in addition to all the examinations required by the institution and hospitals where he trained, pass another series of examinations at regular intervals.

Dr. Javed Husain is a United States trained and certified chest specialist with additional expertise and certification in the areas of critical care and sleep medicine. Dr. Javed Husain has been US Board certified in Internal Medicine and maintains active American Board Certification in the sub speciality areas of Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine. He is fully licensed to practice in his extensive areas of expertise  both in the United States and in Pakistan.