People suffering from lung diseases such as asthma, COPD, Fibrosis etc. are at higher risk of developing serious complications from diseases which can be prevented through vaccination. There are two main vaccines which are frequently recommended by pulmonologists; these are the Influenza or flu vaccine and the pneumococcal vaccine. Recently vaccination against Covid-19 has also become essential in providing protection from hospitalization and death due to the SARS Cov2 virus.


General considerations

Do I need to be vaccinated even if the vaccines do not provide complete protection from developing infections such as pneumonia?

Vaccines provide immunity from the common viruses and bacteria present in our community. These organisms infect individuals causing illness from simple flu like syndromes to severe pneumonia that can result in hospitalization and death. There are many other viruses and bacteria against which vaccines have not yet been developed. Fungus can also cause chest infections. Infections caused by these microorganisms are treated with appropriate medications.  The more protected an individual is from varied sources of infections the better their chances of being able to live a healthy life.


 Are there any special considerations for patients on Immunosuppressants considering vaccination?

Patients on immunosuppressant like steroids and other immune modulating agents are at higher risk of developing infections. Such individuals need the most protection and require vaccinated. If you are on or anticipate the possible need for such medication, you should discuss this with your doctor. Your doctor will guide you regarding the most appropriate vaccinated and the timing that is ideally suited for you to be vaccinated.


Immunosuppressive illness and vaccination.

Illnesses decrease your body’s immunity means your defense against infection is weakness. Immune-suppressed individuals easily get infections and even a mild flu can lead to serious complications. Such individuals should get vaccinated to strengthen their body’s defense system. One must keep in mind that the antibody response might not be the same in immune suppressed individuals as for others who may have a normal immune system. Do consult your primary lung specialist before proceeding for vaccination.

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